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We buy property in London in any condition. We specialise in cash purchases and fast property sales.

I’m Julien Mills, owner of Molae Properties. Our office is based in Clapham, south London and we have been providing quick property buying services since 2005. To sell your property simply click here. I will call you personally to discuss how we can help you.

Do you need to sell your house quickly in London?

Molae Properties is an established property buying company based in Clapham, London. We offer to buy property directly from anyone selling within London and the M25.  If your objective is to sell your house fast in London and to have complete certainty then you should contact us.  We will provide you with a quick, guaranteed and hassle free cash purchase of your London property.

Sell Your House Fast With Our Property Buying Service OR Sell Your Property With an Estate Agent

In an ideal world you want a quick house sale as well as the highest possible sale price. Unless you have a very desirable property and a favourable market it can be difficult to achieve both these objectives. There is usually a trade off between the time taken to market your property and the sale price achieved.  The more time you have  the more likely you will achieve a high sale price.  Conversely, the less time you have the more flexible you need to be on the sale price.

If you have time and your goal is to sell your property for the highest possible price then you should use the services of an estate agent.

You should use our property buying service if you have:

  • Pressing circumstances and need to sell your house fast
  • You require a definite timescale on the sale of your home
  • You can not afford to be let down and you need a guaranteed offer for your property
  • You simply prefer a quick, easy and no-hassle method of selling your property
  • You require a money advance immediately before selling your home with an estate agent

Start by getting a free valuation of your London property.  You have nothing to lose and our valuation may be better than you think. Simply click here and complete your details.  We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Molae Properties: our background and our service

We have been providing a professional and ethical property buying service to the London market since 2005.  We provide property buying solutions to people who want to sell property quickly whatever their circumstances. We can provide:

  • A guaranteed offer with no fees to pay (once an offer is made in writing, we do not drop the offer price)
  • An exchange of contracts within 24hrs of viewing your property
  • Cash in your bank within days of initial contact
  • A professional, friendly and hassle free house buying service
  • Flexible terms to suit your requirements such as an exchange of contracts with a delayed completion date to suit your timescales
  • A number of other solutions depending on your circumstances such as a money advance against your property
  • We are a member of The Property Ombudsman

To find out how we can help please click here and complete your details.

How long does it take to sell a property?

A typical property sale in the UK will take between 3 and 6 months. To appoint an estate agent and get the property marketed online will take 2 to 4 weeks. To find a buyer will typically take another 4 to 12 weeks. The legal process will take an additional 4 to 10 weeks to reach exchange of contracts. Completion usually takes place 2 to 4 weeks after exchange of contracts.

How quickly do house buying companies buy property?

House buying companies can buy property within a few days although more typically, it will take 3 to 5 weeks. Genuine house buying companies, using cash funds, should be completely flexible on timescale requirements. In all quick property sale situations it is vital to have fantastic solicitors representing each side. The speed at which a property transaction completes depends on the quality of the solicitors involved.

How much will property buying companies offer for my property?

Genuine property buying companies will offer approximately 80% of the real market value of a property. However, the percentage of market value can be very misleading. For example, company A offers 80% of market value and values your property at £200,000. The offer you receive is £160,000. Company B offers 90% of market value but only values your property at £170,000. The offer you receive is £153,000. The offer from company B is lower than the offer from company A despite offering a higher percentage of valuation. In other words, do not be seduced by percentages. Always get the final offer price!

Why Use Us to Sell Your House Quickly?

If you need to sell your house quickly you need to make sure that you are dealing with a genuine cash buyer.  At Molae Properties we have funds in place ready to act immediately and we are not dependent on third parties to buy your property.  This means that we are fully in control of the process.  When we make an offer we know we can make the whole transaction work in exactly the way that’s been agreed with you.  If you have a property in London and need to sell it quickly or if you require a money advance against your property then please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Sell House Fast London Why Choose

Guaranteed Offer

The offer you receive from Molae Properties is a guaranteed written cash offer. We are an established, cash funded property buying company. We have been trading in this market since 2005. As such we have a reputation and track record of sticking to our word and helping our clients sell their properties quickly and effortlessly. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what some of our customers have to say.

Molae Properties can make an instant cash offer and if necessary we can exchange contracts on the sale of your property within 24 hours. The terms of our offer will be clearly outlined in writing and carefully explained to you. All our clients require independent legal representation.

Our cash offer is guaranteed and there are no last minute attempts to drop the price, which is a tactic some London buyers will use on exchange.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver on our promise that we will pay you £1000 if, for whatever reason, we do not complete on the purchase at the agreed purchase price made to you in our offer letter.  This promise does not apply where the Seller has failed to disclose information that would materially affect the value of the property.

So if you are looking to sell your house in London please contact us now for a guaranteed quick property sale!

No Fees and No Extras

Straightforward Contracts and Offers in Writing

To make the process simple and transparent we provide a strictly no fees and no hidden extras solution to you. That means that if you sell your property to Molae Properties you will pay nothing towards agency fees, valuation fees or any other kind of fee. And if you use one of our panel solicitors to represent you then you will pay no solicitor fees either.

We believe we provide a unique offering in the market given our process, code of conduct and guarantee. We have helped clients in a huge range of circumstances sell their property quickly and move on with their lives. Be warned of companies who ask you to pay for an upfront valuation of your property.  It will cost several hundred pounds, it’s non refundable, and the offer you eventually receive is likely to be unacceptably low.  We can provide you with a cash offer on your property without fees being incurred.

No cost or obligation to proceed

There is no cost or obligation to proceed so providing you understand that you will receive a below market value offer then why not give us a try

Owner Managed Business

Many of our customers appreciate that they are dealing with the owner of a property buying company from the beginning to the end of the process.  This is reflected in the testimonials that we receive.

“I will always remember our deal with Molae Properties as straight forward and clear. They were very helpful in explaining the whole deal in detail, answering all questions and providing all the information we needed in order to make a balanced decision about whether it was a good idea to sell our property quickly or keep it on the market for longer to secure a better deal. We recommend this service for anybody in a rush or who can not be bothered to go through the whole process of selling a house in the traditional way” J. Hontario, New Cross, London

More fast house sale testimonials

The benefits of selling your house to Molae Properties are:

Peace of mind

Our cash buying service enables you to plan, relocate and organise your affairs with certainty. You do not have to wait to find a buyer.


We can offer you flexible terms to suit your personal circumstances. For example, we can exchange contracts immediately providing you with the certainty that you have sold your home.  However we can offer you the flexibility of a delayed completion date up to six months after exchange of contracts. This gives you more time to plan without the need to move home.


We provide a quick, easy and hassle free service.  You do not need to have people come and view your property.   You will not be involved in a property chain.  You do not face the risk and uncertainty of a buyer dropping out from the purchase of your property many months after accepting their offer. 

You save time

You save time by, eliminating the need to market your property through estate agents, not having people round to view your property, not receiving offers that fall through months later and by not dealing with the stress of a broken property chain. By selling your home to Molae Properties you save yourself valuable time and energy, freeing you to focus on more important matters.

How To Sell Your House Quickly

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Just a few short words to thank you for looking after me in the sale of my flat. It was a refreshing to deal with a no nonsense company that told me all the facts and figures from the start.
R. Kimbell, Feltham


I will always remember our deal with Molae Properties as straight forward and clear. They were very helpful in explaining the whole deal in detail, answering all questions and providing all the information we needed.
J. Hontario, New Cross, London


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your efficient work in the process of buying my flat in Clapham. I felt I could trust you throughout the whole time I was your client.
EJ Gray, Clapham, London

We buy property in London in any condition Sell Your Property Today

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