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Emigration from airport terminal

The process of emigrating to live in a new country often tends to throw a few problems and stresses your way. As anyone who’s moved house knows, the path of buying and selling property can be thwart with issues – and it’s even more so when you’re moving to a completely new country. If you’re having nightmares with your emigration plans, here are some ideas for ways to solve them.

Emigration legal nightmares

The problem: Legal issues are a common source of emigration nightmares. When you’re buying property in a foreign country, the country will inevitably have their own rules and regulations. What’s standard and normal in one country can vastly differ in another.

The solution: Get help and advice from an independent advisor. Find someone who’s familiar with buying property abroad and knows the ins and outs of all legal issues and red tape. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable. Although it may add an extra cost to your moving fees, it can help reduce significant stress and ensure you’ve ticked all the right boxes.

Emigration property buying issues

The problem: One of the classic challenges facing people emigrating abroad are properties not meeting expectations. Whether it’s due to unreliable foreign estate agents, poorly written property descriptions or being taken for a ride on the true nature of property issues, it can be a very stressful nightmare to endure.

The solution: Always try and visit all properties you’re interested in before buying. It’s too easy to see the details online or on paper and think they’re perfect, without making the trip out to actually see it. When you’re buying, always have a survey done to check for underlying issues and make use of an interpreter or independent advisor to ensure you’re fully aware of everything to do with the property.

Emigration adjustment issues

The problem: Whilst it may seem like an idyllic dream to head off abroad for a new life, it’s not unusual to have issues adjusting. With a new country comes a different culture to adapt and fit into, a new support network to find, as well as a different style of working environment to get used to. It’s perfectly normal to find all these changes hard to deal with.

The solution: It’s helpful to try and get to know the country you’re moving too, and especially any cultural differences, before you head off. It’s never fun feeling like you’re the only expat in the area, so try and make contact with other expats and join local groups. Make a concerted effort to adapt your ways and habits to fit into the new environment you find yourself in, and learn the native language too.

Property selling nightmares

The problem: Before you can properly make the move and buy a new property abroad, you’ll need to sell your home back in the UK. This will free up your cash or mortgage so you can move forward. But selling doesn’t always go smoothly and you can’t put a time on it either

The solution: Hanging around for the perfect buyer when you want to get on and emigrate abroad isn’t always an option, especially when you’ve got commitments with starting a new job. One practical alternative is to find a cash buyer instead. There are companies, such as Molae Properties, that specialise in buying properties quickly. It can help save a lot of stress and free up valuable time and money to help you find your perfect house abroad.

* If you’ve got plans to emigrate abroad and want help with selling your property quickly so you can get on with buying a new house, contact us today on: 0800 634 5892. We’re an established property cash buyer and are interested in buying property directly from anyone selling within London and the M25. Let us help solve your property selling emigration nightmare!

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