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Five colourful stones, Five reasons to sell you house fast

People sell properties for a vast number of reasons, but sometimes there are common threads involved in the reasons why you might need to sell your house fast. Here are five popular factors involved in this decision and a look at why the fast route can offer the best decision in certain circumstances.

1. Debt and financial issues

No-one ever plans to get into debt or face financial difficulties, but sadly sometimes these things happen. If your income has dropped unexpectedly, you’ve lost your job, are finding it hard to keep up with the cost-of-living in your current property or you’ve got lots of debts piling up, then selling your house fast can be the perfect solution.

If you put your head in the sand and try and ignore the situation, the chances are you’ll lose control over it and could end up with having your house re-possessed.

If you instead choose to tackle your debt and financial issues head on, by opting to sell your house fast, you remain in control.

2. Divorce or separation

Property issues can get tricky when divorce or separation occurs. Although it might seem tempting for one person to stay in the once shared property, where there’s joint ownership, financial issues can rear their ugly head.

Rather than having to raise capital to pay off a joint owner, or trying to negotiate who can remain in the house, it can be a far better option to sell the property. And as you’re after a clean slate so you can both start afresh somewhere new, a quick sale helps the process go a lot more smoothly.

No waiting around for property viewings, no hanging around waiting for buyers stuck in chains – just a quick, short and sharp sale leaving you with the cash you both need and the chance to move on to the next chapter in your lives.

3. Job relocation

Getting offered a new job and maybe the chance to move up the career ladder can be an exciting prospect. But when it also means having to up sticks and relocate to a new part of the country – or even abroad – it can get complicated.

If you’re working to a deadline and need to sell your property quickly, and not least need to source somewhere new to live in the vicinity of your new employment, getting a property sale agreed promptly can make the world of difference.

A quick house sale might not have been how you envisaged the process to go, but when time is against you, it can be a better option for your stress and anxiety levels to get a guaranteed buyer and sell your house fast.

4. Inherited property

On the surface, it might seem great to inherit a property, but often when it’s associated with the death of a loved one, it can be a hard time. Even when all of the legal matters have been dealt with, suddenly finding yourself having to deal with an additional property that is incurring bills, such as electricity, water and council tax fees, can be a huge bind.

It’s not a good long-term solution to leave a property empty, as it could end up costing you, and may even be at risk of criminal damage or squatters if it’s left empty for too long. If the property is run down, in need of modernisation or re-decoration, the costs can quickly add up. Even if you have dreams of doing it up and renting it out, sometimes you’re better off selling the property quickly, rather than investing more of your hard earned cash into it. It’s one of those situations where you’re best off weighing up the pros and cons and settling on a solution that incurs the least short and long-term stress and cost.

5. Broken property chains

Selling a property is rarely a straightforward process, especially where property chains are involved. If you’ve been caught up in the drama of a broken property chain, and the frustration of all your plans falling away in front of your eyes, then it’s no wonder that the option to sell your house fast would appeal.

You’ll be able to turn your back on the standard selling process, won’t get stuck in the midst of a seemingly endless chain and can rest assured in the knowledge that your agreed house sale will go ahead without any sudden interruptions. For peace of mind against broken property chains, the fast house sell method is a dream come true.

If you are currently facing any of these life situations, or anything similar, then do consider the benefits of selling your property fast. There’s a lot to be said for a quick house sale and the peace of mind – as well as cash release – it can provide.

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