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Property Part Exchange? YES or NO

If you’re looking to sell a property, then have you considered a property part exchange? It’s a useful option if you’re looking to sell quickly and takes some of the stress and hassle out of home selling. Here’s the lowdown on the advantages of opting for part exchange.

Part exchange often gets overlooked by property sellers, but there are certain circumstances where it’s definitely worth putting it on your radar. A property part exchange comes into its own particularly when you’re looking to sell your existing home and buy a new property and don’t want to hang around for ages waiting for the perfect buyer, only to then miss out on the house of your dreams.

As the name suggests, it literally refers to the process of exchanging your existing property as part payment for a new property, usually a new build home.

Property Part exchange when the market is slow

If you’ve had your house on the market for a while and haven’t had much interest from buyers, or there’s been a general downturn in property sales in your area and the market is slow, then part exchanging could be the answer.

Opting to part exchange takes away the stress of the property selling business, not least the worry about whether or not you’re going to get a buyer. Your house won’t be left stuck on the market for ages and you’ll avoid the worse case scenario of it not selling at all.

Property part exchange to avoid property chains

As any seasoned home seller will tell you, one of the worst aspects of trying to sell your home is getting stuck in the dreaded property chains. It’s not just a case of dealing with acquiring a buyer for your own property, but you also get lumbered with the baggage of their selling and buying chain too. And oh so often those chains can break and lose their links, causing mayhem for all involved.

If you’ve had enough of property chain woes in the past and can’t bear the thought of being caught up in any more, then a part exchange would provide a quick solution and no pesky chains to worry about.

Part exchange when you’re downsizing your home

Most of the major UK house builders only allow you to take advantage of their part-exchange programmes if you’re moving up the property ladder, which automatically excludes some groups of movers.

However, companies such as Molae Properties offer an unrestrictive part exchange programme. This means that anyone selling a property in the London or M25 area due to downsizing could be eligible for part exchange too, plus other circumstances are considered as well. This significantly opens up the window of opportunity and makes part exchanging a viable option for a greater number of people.

Part exchange to ensure certainty

Buying and selling properties is often wrought with challenges, which can put paid to all well made plans. Sometimes, though, there are circumstances when you need to get things moving on time. For example, if you’re re-locating and need to arrange for your kids to start new schools or you’re starting a new job, you have to move whatever happens.

In such circumstances, sellers typically find themselves juggling with finance issues or having to leave their home empty whilst they move into temporary accommodation near their new location. It’s no fun for anyone involved and adds to the worry and pressure of moving home.

This is another classic scenario where part exchanging can help. It gives you that much needed degree of certainty and allows you to move on with your life and property plans. You’ll be given a price offer for your home, which will be less than it might achieve on the open market, but you’ll gain a guaranteed sale, peace of mind and not waiting around wondering what will happen.

Moving on with part exchanging

If any of these scenarios are familiar to you, and you’re having problems selling a property or need to secure a quick sale, maybe it’s time to give part exchange a go. When your house has been evaluated (sometimes by two independent valuers) you’ll typically be given a price for your property and can decide whether or not it’s acceptable to you before you give the go ahead to move forward. Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose by enquiring and having your house valued.

If you’re based in London or within the M25, call Molae Properties today on 0800 634 5892 or fill in our contact form and see if you can get your property sale moving.

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