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London Housing Prices in 2017: What to Expect

London Housing Prices

Although London housing prices have risen for decades on end, many experts believe that we may be turning a corner during 2017. Could this be the final year of such upward momentum and can we expect a slow decline or a massive reduction in the coming months? While the opinions of experts vary, the fact of the matter is that we could be in for an interesting year. Let’s take a look at why these prices may decline and what to expect in the future. In order to make the best decisions possible when selling  London property it is critical to appreciate what may occur.

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Selling Rental Property in London During 2017: Top Tips and Tricks

Selling Rental Property in London - Molae Properties - image of houses on residential street in London

Since Brexit, the state of the London property market has been a concern for both property buyers and sellers alike. There are still a number of risks for anyone who may be considering selling a rental property during the coming year. We will first take a look at some of the predictions that experts are making in regards to housing prices. Then, we will offer a few very targeted suggestions that will help you obtain the best value for your efforts. With a bit of forethought and knowledge, you can be confident that you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions when they matter the most.

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A Look at the London Property Market Since Brexit

London Property Market - picture of a London Street - Molae Properties

There’s no doubt that the Brexit vote has had (and will have) a dramatic impact on many sectors within the United Kingdom. One of the most important areas to examine is the London property market. What trends have we seen and perhaps more importantly, what can we expect for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017? If you’re looking to sell your house fast, you should should take these factors into account so you know where you stand.

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London House Prices in 2016 Predictions from the experts

London House Prices 2016 - expert predictions

One of the most common online search terms in recent times is “London house prices 2016”. This is no accident since many buyers and sellers are wondering what the remainder of the year has in store. Most economists predicted a slowdown as a result of the recent Brexit vote. So what can we expect to witness during the next six months? Although nothing is set in stone, it’s a good idea to take a look at what some of the experts have to say. Then, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when the time is right.

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London House Prices in 2016: Is the Bubble Beginning to Burst?

Picture of newspaper with News in bold

For the last two years, we have seen a steady increase in house prices throughout London.  However, this trend may be soon coming to an end.  A handful of indicators now illustrate a weakening in the market..  In turn, first-time homeowners may now be witnessing more opportunities than in the past to obtain an affordable property within the metropolitan area.  However, many feel that the ultimate trend of London house prices in 2016 is still to early to tell.  What factors are behind this change and what can we expect to experience in the near future?

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Cheaper London Homes Failing to Sell in Relation to High-Priced Locations

London homes between £650,000 and £1M selling faster than cheaper homes

Let’s imagine for a moment that you require a quick property sale in London due to an impending repossession or a similar unfortunate circumstance. You have remained confident due to the fact that your current home is valued at only £300,000 pounds. So, you are not concerned in regards to a quick turnover. Unfortunately, you might very well be wrong in taking this stance. A recent article highlighted the fact that London properties costing between £650,000 pounds and £1 million pounds are selling faster than more moderately priced homes. This is actually a bit ironic considering the fact that only the richest house hunters seem to be active while middle-income buyers complain that they are being shut out of the market. This is another example of how London house prices appear to have become detached from local incomes. What does this mean in regard to a fast London house sale?

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Selling Your London Home Fast within a Changeable Economy

Selling your London Home Fast within a Changeable Economy

If you are like most, it is very difficult to keep up with the latest economic and housing data. One month the “experts” are claiming that London is in the midst of a veritable boom while the next month these very same analysts bring fear into the picture; alluding that the bubble could soon burst. Unfortunately, not much is expected to change in the new year.

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How to Secure a Quick London Property Sale in falling market?

Looking to secure a quick London property sale?

Many analysts have hinted that the London housing bubble may soon be due to burst. In fact, this may not be far off from the truth. A recent survey has found that the value of the top 2015 property sales fell by one quarter. This is great news for those who are looking to pick up a home at a highly discounted price, but what does this mean for those who may be looking to sell in the coming year? In particular, how can you secure a quick London property sale with the minimal of effort and aggravation? Let’s take a closer look.

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Quick House Sale Company: good practice in the industry

Quick house sale companies do have a place in the market. Perhaps you have just learned that you owe a massive amount in back taxes. You may not be able to afford mandatory major works that will soon be carried out or you could simply wish to liquidate the estate of a recently departed family member. These are a few examples of when a quick house sale company is advantageous. What are some of the positive attributes of these firms and which policies should be avoided?

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Cool Markets Lead to Rising Winter Home Prices: Quick London Property Sale

Some property owners will be happy to learn that the risks of a bursting housing bubble are seen by many analysts to be highly overstated. This could be great news for those who are casually looking to sell their home and are not in a rush for cash. However, this very same scenario (believe it or not) may very well represent a further burden upon the shoulders of those who need a quick London property sale. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, let’s look at why such an observation may turn out to be true.

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How to Sell a London House Quickly with a Bust Imminent

To be sure, analysts within the United Kingdom have been concerned about the price of homes suddenly “bursting”, as a bubble has appeared to be growing in recent times. Is there any truth to this worry? Indeed, there may very well be a fall in home prices during 2016. According to the Financial Times, next year could be the first year when prices slow or even witness a reversal. While these projections may be a boon to the would-be home buyer, the fact of the matter is that falling prices signify a slowing market.

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Quick London House Sale in a Stagnant Market

Are you looking for a quick London house sale? Perhaps you have recently come into money and hope to retire early; enjoying the possibilities of travelling abroad. Of course, this may represent the best-case scenario for many. It is far more common that the need to suddenly sell a house quickly in London revolves around the pragmatic need for financial liquidity or the requirement to dispose of an inherited estate. There may even be HMRC tax obligations which dictate such a sale. Unfortunately, this is incredibly difficult due to recent market figures.

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Quick House Sale Companies – good or bad?

There are many families and individuals that may be looking for a quick house sale in London. A professional property buying company will provide you with such a service and allow you to liquidate your property asset in a quick and efficient manner. Typically, they will offer to buy the property at between 70-80% of the true market value of the property in return for the service they provide.  Unfortunately, all that glitters is certainly not gold in terms of quick house sale companies. Let’s take a look at some of the worst practices to avoid as well as a handful of tips to select the right agency.

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Deceased Estates: Selling a House Quickly

Those who are looking to sell a house quickly in London and the surrounding areas are likely to encounter a handful of issues. First, the market is anything but forgiving. Asking prices may be difficult to achieve and we should never forget about the logistics tied up with estate agents. In fact, many authoritative sites point out that these agents are more interested in the listing and the sale; less concerned with the ultimate price provided to the customer. Therefore, it becomes clear that selling a property of someone who is recently deceased can present even more of a challenge.

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The mortgage market? who or what is going to fix it – The Crosby Report

What role has the mortgage market played in falling house prices?  Is there an end in sight to the current collapse of the housing market?  “Not in the near future” seems to be the verdict.  

The government has, to date, prided itself on the management of the economy and the resilience of the UK economy versus the rest of the world.  Many homeowners have enjoyed unprecedented growth in house prices. Those however not on the property ladder have been forced to rent as houses and flats in many areas, once considered a good “first time buy” have simply become unaffordable. 

Rising costs such as fuel and food are hitting homeowners hard and repossessions have increased dramatically as households struggle to manage monthly costs. However, many commentators argue that it is the impact of banks and building societies restricting and withdrawing mortgage products that has been the key factor in the current housing crisis.  

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The London Property market

If you are looking to sell your property in London then the hardest decision is to decide at what level to market the property.  Estate Agents are clearly desperate for business and some will place a value on a property to secure the property on their books in the hope of then selling it.

However, the shrewd estate agents will not operate in this way as they need sellers to be realistic as to the value of property.  Some estate agents are now simply refusing to market property outside of the valuation they are providing as nobody wants to work hard to secure an impossible sale! 

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Quick House Sale Guide

Selling your house can be very stressful – the process can take a long time, and there is always the risk of getting stuck in a chain, meaning that you are dependant on your buyer selling their own house before they can complete the purchase of yours.  There is also the risk of a chain breaking down at the last minute because their own property sale has fallen through, which means you have to start all over again.

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House repossessions rise again

House repossessions rose in the first half of the year, by 30% on the same period in 2006, indicating that some homeowners are struggling with the five recent interest rate rises.

The figures are from the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the industry body, which laid the blame on two factors:

An increase in sub-prime mortgage lending, where the higher risks from lending to people with poor credit histories means those arrears more often lead to repossessions.

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UK house prices are overvalued by 20%

The UK house prices are currently overvalued by at least 20% when compared with long term averages, according to credit rating agency, Fitch. The agency also says that house prices have outpaced incomes over the past ten years.

In addition, the high levels of debt in the UK means that the UK economy is particularly vulnerable to interest rate rises, the third most vulnerable of the sixteen countries studied by Fitch.

Fitch assessed the countries based on a range of indicators of household debts and house price valuation measures.

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Rate rises put pressure on homeowners

Homeowners face the highest mortgage rates for six years after the Bank of England decided to increase interest rates to 5.75% this week.

This has prompted concern from debt counsellors and property experts that the rise will push struggling homeowners over the edge, forcing them further into debt, and raising the prospect of increased mortgage arrears and repossessions.

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London House price rises slowing down

Average asking prices for houses in London are less than the national average for the first time in the past six months, which may be a sign that the house price boom is nearing its end.

The average house price rose by 0.8% nationwide this month, while London’s property prices rose by just 0.7%, with over half of London boroughs seeing a fall in asking prices, including Hammersmith and Fulham.

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Homeowners face increased mortgage payments

Many UK homeowners could experience rises of up to 30% in their monthly mortgage repayments over the next year, as they reach the end of discounted mortgage deals.

Up to a million households are nearing the end of two- and three-year fixed-rate mortgages taken out in 2005, and these policies will shift to more expensive rates. Many fixed rate deals were around in 2005 after an interest rate cut in that year.

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Further rate rises may lead to repossessions

According to analysis from Experian, further interest rate rises, combined with a March’s rise in consumer price inflation to 3.1%, could lead to an increase in bad debt and repossessions.

According to Experian’s MD of economic forecasting, DR Neil Blake:

Not only will interest rate increases have a dampening impact on economic growth and inflation but there will also be a likely knock on impact on bad debt.

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House price growth picks up in April, rate rises likely

Nationwide is predicting another interest rate rise in May, due to the robust growth of house prices in the UK this month, though it points out the underlying trend towards a cooling of the market.

Nationwide latest monthly survey reveals that house prices rose by 0.9% in April, compared with 0.5% in March. This represents the highest monthly increase since December 2006.

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Number of £2m homes in London reaches an all time high

The London property market continues to grow, with the latest indication being the fact that there are now over 1,000 homes in London which are on the market for more than 2m.

The growth in London house prices is being driven by foreign buyers attracted by the city’s financial and business status. Added to a shortage of properties in prime locations, this has triggered bidding wars which have pushed prices up further.

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Warning on UK sub-prime market

Homeowners have been warned that a slowdown in the housing market could lead to a crisis in the sub-prime mortgage sector, and the threat of repossessions.

Standard & Poor’s, a credit rating agency, expressed concern about the British sub-prime industry, which provides mortgages to people with poor credit histories who have been unable to get mortgages from more well-known lenders.

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London housing market remains buoyant

Though house price rises in the majority of the country are beginning to slow down, the London housing market continues to rise, as demand for property in the capital shows no signs of slowing down.

For those currently renting property, and first time buyers looking to get onto the housing ladder, the slowing of house price inflation around the country will be welcome news, though the Halifax reports that, for key public sector workers, 70% of towns are out of their price range.

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London housing market becoming detached from the rest of the UK

House prices in the London area are at their highest level for four years, and the rate of growth in that area is different from the rest of the country.

Across the country, the headline rate of house price growth continues to accelerate. The average house price grew by 0.8% in March and the year on year rate growth now stands at 6.7% – the highest since June 2003.

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Over 50s choosing to sell and rent back

Increasing numbers of wealthy older people are choosing to sell their homes and rent them back. Letting agents report that they are seeing more over-50s choosing this option.

The desire to free up cash to enjoy life is one of the reasons for this trend of selling to rent, or the fact that children have left home and the house is too big. In addition, many want to avoid the prospect of avoiding leaving their families with a large inheritance tax bill.

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Biggest rise in house prices for three years

Figures from property research firm Hometrack suggest that the housing market remains buoyant despite recent interest rate rises, with the average house price rising by 0.7% in February,

The average home is now worth £172,000, and the rise in February means that annual house price inflation is now at 6.4%, the highest level since June 2003.

Demand for housing continues to outstrip supply – Hometrack reported that, while the number of homes registered with estate agents rose by 14% in February, the number people wanting to buy rose by 23%.

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