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A recent study from Alliance and Leicester International reveals that 2.3m people over 50 intend to move abroad for their retirement which equates to around one in eight of this age group.
A survey for Clerical Research broadly supported these figures, finding that 30% of people at retirement age would like to retire abroad.

Among those at or near retirement age, most would like to retire in Spain, or elsewhere in Europe, while others would prefer Australia or the United States.

A separate study from Alliance and Leicester looked at reasons that people of all ages give for moving away from the UK.
More than half (52%) want to move abroad to escape Britain high living costs, and think that they can improve their standard of living in a foreign country, while 40% simply wish for a new start.

Meanwhile, 40% have had enough of the weather in Britain, and are moving abroad to find more a more agreeable climate.
Others (32%) are moving abroad for work reasons, either because they were seconded as part of their job, or to find more lucrative or satisfying work outside the UK.

According to Simon Hull of A&L:
“For the many people in a hurry to start a new life abroad, it is important to properly prepare for relocation. Moving country is not just a case of buying a house and packing your bags, it involves a lot of organisation. Those considering a move need to think about their financial arrangements, legal rights and other practicalities before waving goodbye to Britain.”

Whatever your reasons for moving abroad, there are a number of potential problems with buying property abroad. Buying property in France, Spain and Italy can take between 12 and 18 weeks, regardless of whether or not you have sold your house in the UK.

If you need to move abroad quickly, or need the freedom of action provided by not having to wait for a buyer in the UK, then a quick sale to a cash buyer could be the answer to your problems.

House sales in the UK can take up to three months to complete, which could be too long if you have already found your ideal home abroad. With a cash property buyer like Molae Properties, you could sell your house quickly and move abroad as quickly as you need to.

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