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Selling a Home fast in London

After a long and protracted recession, it seems that if we have finally turned the corner. Many analysts now predict that 2016 will be an excellent year in terms of this financial recovery. However, this can actually present some very real problems for those who are looking for a quick London house sale. Whether due to outstanding debt or a relocation, the fact of the matter is that this can be a bit of a complicated process. Let’s take a look at a few steps to make sure that this move is performed efficiently.


First, you will need to deal with the basics of the move. How will your transport your personal items to a different location? How much will a transportation company cost and can they perform work on short notice? To make the transition easier, it is always a good idea to move the most essential items in first; your new property will feel a bit more like home and you will have a bit of time to acclimate yourself to different circumstances.

Understanding a Fair Value

Selling a London home fast is much like any other type of rapid liquidation. You must be aware that the trade-off for a quick sale will be that you are not likely to receive the fair market value for your home. Of course, the other alternative is to wait for weeks and months on end in order for an estate agent to enact a sale. Not only do you not have the time for this, but let’s never forget about the commissions, legal issues and solicitors’ fees.

Working with Molae Properties

Molae properties can be considered to be the middleman when you desire a quick London house sale. However, there are a few benefits which set up apart from other competitors. There are no hidden fees…none whatsoever. We also include the price of the solicitor in the appraisal of your home. In the majority of cases, we are able to provide you with a realistic figure within 24 hours of the firs viewing. After an agreement is reached, we will exchange contracts and enact the sale when it is the most convenient for you.

If you are like most customers, it is not likely that you have a great deal of time on your hands. So, we aim to take the guesswork out of any quick London house sale. You have other things to concern yourself about. If you have any doubts or you would like to learn about the experiences of other satisfied customers, feel free to browse through our testimonials page. When you are ready, one of our trained representatives will be more than happy to schedule an appointment at your convenience.




Latest testimonial

The sale of my property was well managed with regular communication and advice and support provided throughout the process.  The company also provided legal support through one of their panel solicitors which was professional friendly and reassuring during what was a complex sale.  They are trustworthy and reliable and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to sell their property.  Thank you for making this a much easier process.
R. Mangal, Leyton, London, E10

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